Isaac’s first big boy shoe’s

It’s official little baby is growing up 😦 …He’s been standing up on his own for about 10 seconds at a time now so, unfortunately it’s time for me to cut the reins and ..get him a job 😉 haha just kidding obviously. Time to get some big boy shoe’s in case they help with the transaction from crawling to walking.


I think it’s fab how Clarks will measure your babies feet even if you’re not wanting to buy shoe’s from them there and then! I have always wanted to eventually get him a pair of Clarks first shoes as it’s been the ‘done thing’ from when I was little (maybe even before then?) When we went in he didn’t have any socks on as it was really hot i just threw a light blanket over his bottom half, so he had to borrow socks from them (Just something to keep in mind if you go for a fitting) It was the easiest thing ever they just put his foot on a little board and see the size and width. His size was 3 1/2 G … I’m not sure if that’s big or little for his size but I know his feet are really cute and chunky.


The choice of shoe wasn’t difficult in the slightest as I lifted Isaac up and he chose a pair for himself, a really cute pair as well with little aeroplanes on the sides. The type of shoe is a cruiser shoe which means it allows him to crawl around comfortably yet if he starts walking in them he can still wear them till he outgrow them, which is great!


The feel of the shoe is perfect, they are so well made. Clarks do have a reputation for good quality shoe’s so it’s certainly no different in the baby department. It’s a leather shoe with a rubber sole. 


The photo taking part was very difficult yesterday as Isaac was a fidget so it took a while to get a half decent photo of him ‘kinda’ looking. He would only look at one of the shop assistants (I think he has a bit of a thing for blondes.)

So all in all, I would recommend a Clarks first shoe for every child, although I wouldn’t go and spend £30 a time on every pair of shoe Isaac owns they are defo a keep sake to put in his box when he outgrows them!

Much love,

Nina x


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