Head banging solution?! – cot wrap



Isaac has a problem lately with banging his head on the side of his cot whilst he’s sleeping WHICH is the worst sound to hear over the baby monitor. I stand still as though I’m a young child that’s just dropped something waiting to hear if my mum will shout, although this time I stand waiting for it to wake him up. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t full on whack it but sometimes it is enough to wake him and for him to have a little moan about it.

I’ve been snooping around the internet looking for some kind of fix all solution, there were all sorts of suggestions from mums who try different things. I’m not one to knock other peoples parenting skill’s but some I’d rather not try due to the risks in doing so. One example was to put bumpers on, but I’ve also read (as you probably have too) that they shouldn’t be used once baby is moving around as they can get caught in between the bumper and the cot.

This is when I came across this Safe dreams cot wrap. The product that on paper answered a few of my prayers…

  1. Isaac wouldn’t bang his head wake himself up or hurt himself,
  2. His dummy won’t fall out of the cot so he can put it back him if he wakes up wanting it,
  3. His arms or legs won’t get stuck dangling out the bars of the cot.

This all sounds perfect doesn’t it? So I ordered one and it got delivered today. Tonight is my first night of use and I am already noticing the difference. When I put Isaac in his cot he always shimmies about on his front trying to get comfy he NEVER looks where he’s going & tonight was no different however when he got to the top of the cot where he likes to settles he pushed his head to the bar and stopped without any kind of bang, bump or hiccup. It’s almost as though the Wrap said to Isaac ‘I’m afraid you can go no further now my dear’ and he’s said OK ZZZZZZZZ! still asleep…



It’s a breathable wrap so if baby was to snuggle right up to it wouldn’t make a difference they would still be able to breath through it and there’s no chance of the dreaded thought of baby getting tangled in it and in trouble. They also do some cute little teddies that are made out of the same safe materials which I wish I knew about when Isaac was first born, as I wouldn’t have any kind of soft toy/comforter in his cot with him in case he somehow managed to get trapped under it. They would have been perfect for little old paranoid me.

The only hiccup they have is that little bit of wood in each corner of the cot will still be a risk of hitting their head but still if you can reduce the risk dramatically you might as well do so, the idea wouldn’t have worked otherwise. The is wrap is also tie free so there are no dangley bits coming off it that baby might get hold of as it’s all Velcro’ed together at one end of the cot.



The material is lovely, It has a nice feel to it and can be washed it is stated in the instructions. I do have a really good feeling about this product, I will report back after i’ve gained my full opinion on it and tell you my findings but right now on paper and the first night riding on I give it a big thumbs up! Lets hope it stays that way…

You can also get this for a 2 sided cot. 

Much love,

Nina. x


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