Isaac’s birth story



It was the 28th of June 2013, and all was quiet in our household! Me and my beloved (Aiden) had gone out for a Burger King in the day and then at night we decided to get a Domino’s delivered as well (It’s what baby wanted!!) whilst we watched a film. It’s safe to say I ate a lot more than usual that day, I was fed up, wanted to meet my baby and exactly 1 week over my due date. I was Stressing more because Aiden was due to go back to camp on the 30th of June as he was in the army, and I wanted him to spend time with Isaac and be there whilst I gave birth.

I knew he’d be there for the start of it at least as I’d been booked in for an induction on the 29th June at 10AM! The thought of him having to leave me in labour knocked me physically sick. I wanted to see him hold our son for the first time, I didn’t want to have to send him pictures by text and Facebook. I didn’t want him to see everyone else meeting his son before he could! I really felt for him and admittedly I was scaredĀ there might not be a bond between Aiden and Isaac if he wasn’t there from the start.

The night before my domino’s and burger king feasts, I rang the hospital up to ask if it was normal that I hadn’t felt baby move in a while. Everyone would say ‘It’s a sign that you’re ready to give birth when they slow down or stop moving’. Which the midwife on the phone told me were complete lies! She asked me to go in as soon as I could to check on baby. I went to the hospitalĀ that night,Ā to be honest I wasn’t worried, I know it’s stupid to say but I knew he was ok! I shouldn’t have been so sure as bad things could happen to anyone but I was strangely confident. They monitored Isaac for a while where of course he made me out to be a liar and began making my belly look like moles in a molehill! The midwife asked me to come back for a scan the next day just to make sure he had enough room but assured me everything seemed fine at that moment in time. So in the morning I rang to get my scan time where the midwives on shift knew nothing about the situation … after 10 minutes of waiting on hold, the midwife came back and said ‘how would you like to be induced on the 29th?’ I was over the moon that it might pose some hope for Aiden to meet him and I’d finally have my baby here so I agreed excitedly.

Back to the night of the feast,Ā whilst chomping down on my MASSIVE domino’s I began to feel pains down my sides. I said nothing to Aiden as I didn’t want to get his hopes up but I calmly thought to myself ‘I’m in labour’. I carried on eating as the pains were next to nothing, I was sat there thinking I was about to take a peaceful breeze through labour as the pains weren’tĀ bad in the slightest. One hour later, the pains were still going and Ā I was 100% I was in labour. I told Aiden but I could tell he was being reserved as he didn’t want to get his hopes up. Then the real pain started and I lay in the living room I could feel my bump tightening and the pains coming round from my back. I’ve often heard it compared to a period pain and I always though surely not? but I myself could see the strange resemblance to a period type pain just worst. Whilst in labour I began to think of all the things that I didn’t have including essentials like maternity pads, breast pads and baby milk. DO NOT ask me why, I have no idea what I was thinking!!! So I sent Aiden out shopping to get them, whilst I worked through my pains with my mum!

Aiden returned with all my essentials. I hopped in and out of the bath to ease the pain and oh god did it help! I really understand why people have water births now. When I got out I felt a weird sensation one that I couldn’t even begin to try to explain it. I had a gush of water kind of like a water balloon had popped inside me. My WATERS HAD GONE! Ahhhhhhhhhh this was it! It was all real, Isaac was coming! At this point I forgot everything IĀ learnt in the antenatal classes and screamed for Aiden to phone the hospital. This was around 12AM. They were having a quite night and said I could come in.

Everything hurt my whole body was aching and every now and then a bit more of my waters would be released. The walk from the house to the car was painful! The whole car journey was PAINFUL! the walk to the ward was PAINFUL! Then the walk back to the car after the midwife checked me over and told me I wasn’t ready yet and to go home and ‘sleep’ was HORRIFIC! I hated that midwife at that moment in time. I know now she was doing her job and they can’t take everyone in BUT IĀ was hormonal I suppose šŸ˜‰

I sulked and cried and sulked some more in the car home. The midwife had told me to ‘try to get some sleep.’ I TRIED! I tried so hard to go to sleep but I had too many thoughts and the contractions were too close for me to grab any sleep at all. I’d like to tell you how far apart they were at what point in the night but I was far from interested in keeping track!!!! LOL.

The pain got worst and I needed something to help me desperately. Aiden rang the hospital back and they agreed I could come back in this was at 5AM. When we got there I seen the same midwife as before and she examined me and told me I wasn’t far enough to be kept in to which I was horrified! I didn’t want to go home again, I needed to be there where they knew what to do! I told her I was in too much pain, so she said she’d get another midwife to give me a check for a second opinion!

I WAS 5CM!!!! šŸ˜€ ..The other lady said that I’d need to stay in and get ready to have my baby. I went into a room and got started on gas and air which made me feel ill to begin with, it felt likeĀ I was at that stage where I’dĀ drank too much alcohol and there’s nothing you can do to make yourself feel better! After a couple of minutes the gas and air began to help I felt drunk but this didn’t help the whole time. After a while I could feel the pains again! stronger than ever! Then in came the injection ofĀ pethidine. That little injection saved my life. (slight over reaction… but it did help šŸ˜‰ ) from then on childbirth was a breeeezeee.

I mean I still screamed and moaned, the midwife had to force a wee out of my bladder and I apologised to her because I said owwwwww. She then labelled me as the most polite woman she’s ever helped give birth which is a title I am very proud of!! šŸ˜‰

5 hours later with half an hour of pushing at 10:29AM I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy!


He came out with quite a bit of dark hair looking the image of his daddy. His tiny cry screeching trying his best to have a piercing cry but he failed so miserably. I loved his cry, hearing it and looking at his little arms moving around like he didn’t have a clue how to use them was amazing. He was a tiny thing, 6 pounds 1 ounce.Ā I knew from the moment I seen him it was all so worth it! My little boy was in my arms and I was clueless! I had never changed a nappy before let alone looked after a small person 24/7 but I was ready to learn! Aiden fed Isaac whilst I pushed out the after birth (well the midwife pulled it out) ! I didn’t want to feed him as I didn’t want to drop him if i reacted in anyway to the after birth, had IĀ have known I wouldn’t feel a thing from it I would have fed him myself!

When we got back to the ward with the other new mums/expecting mums we decided to change his nappy. It was so difficult, with neither of us changing a nappy before being one problem, the first tar like poo being the second and the third problem being the health visitor standing over us both whilst we did so. It’s scary changing a baby that size, pulling his tiny arms through and trying to bend his legs to put in his pants was so hard. He was so new and fragile. I imagine me and Aiden will be pro’s when it comes to having any other babies that may come in future! Being a first time mummy is scary, I didn’t want Aiden to go to collect the car seat incase Isaac cried, but I did fine! It all comes naturally to you, you just need to reassure yourself that you know what to do. šŸ™‚



I pushed with no complications and no worries. On that day 29th June 2013 at 10.29AM my family was made. I felt so empowered knowing that I’d just given birth to this beautiful baby boy. I cannot wait to do it again in future, one day I’ll be doing it again and even though you never get the same experience I imagineĀ can only be asĀ beautiful as my experience with Isaac in the end when you’re holding your baby.

Please share with me your links to your birth stories,Ā 

I’d love to read them!!!!Ā 

Much love,

Nina x


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