the social network ‘no baby posts please’ police

Now, here is something that really grinds my gears… people on facebook who constantly moan about mums that upload photos or write statues about their children!!!


No-one, that is NO ONE has the right to dictate what you can and can not write on your own social networking site whether it be twitter, facebook or even if it was a site dedicated to hating mums! If you want to post photos or comments about your children then feel free to do so!!! I came across a girl when I posted a photo at Easter of Isaac with his Easter presents…


This was the day that a girl wrote on Facebook that children should receive ONE or TWO egg for Easter, anything more is a competition between all the Facebook mums apparently. This statement I think is absolutely ridiculous! If I wanted to buy Isaac a whole bunch of stuff for Easter then I can do and if I wanted to buy him nothing I can do too! Its completely up to me seeing as he is MY child! I made Isaac a Easter basket containing all types of things to do with Easter: books, egg shaped crayons and TOMY egg and squeaks to name a few.Not that i HAD to buy him things to do with easter, I could of put together a giraffe themed basket if I really wanted to.The girl in question has a baby also but do I judge her decision to upload next to no photos of her little one or get her one egg for easter? No because that’s her decision. I’m fine with that, it’s nothing to do with me. This same girl uploads 1000’s of photos of herself with her boobs out (literally). I’ve not once posted a bitchy statues about that but every status she posts seems to be bitchy and aimed at someone in particular.

I love reading about everyone elses babies and seeing all the cute photos uploaded, hence why I enjoy following other mummy Blogs. The other type of culprit in this are people with no kids, I’ve seen it happen a couple of times people moaning about all the photos of babies then the same people that write these will go on to be one of the mums or dads that proudly post pictures of their little ones when it comes to them having them. They would write statuses along the lines of ‘who have I got on Facebook… you or your kid?’ To this I reply you’ve got me but I’ve got a kid and I will write about him, please remove me if it offends you so god damn much!! I don’t know where these people get off thinking they are politicians of facebook, some of the most ill researched comments and views appear everyday on Facebook and it’s frustrating to see.

I can’t be the only one who this gets to?! There must be other mums out there that think ‘well actually this is my facebook and this is my child I will write what I want and you can shut the hell up!’ I do know of a few people that won’t upload pictures or statuses because they don’t want to ‘force’ their baby up on people. come on? What about the babies family who don’t live near by to see the progress. Half of Isaac’s family don’t live close by, so if I didn’t upload photos or what he can do now and what a little character he is becoming, they wouldn’t have a clue and to be honest they’d feel a bit isolated from him!

If you can’t handle the contents of my facebook. If you can’t handle seeing photos of my gorgeous little boy, remove yourself from my friends list. It is no loss to me, I’d probably be glad to hear less of the statuses complaining about everybody else’s lives.

Does anyone else have simular problems? I highly doubt i’m the only one! I daren’t tell anyone on facebook i do a blog now too! All hell will break loose …

Much love,

Nina x


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