Tip for new mummys

I know the title sounds a bit pretentious but worry not I’m not going to start acting like I’m expert of the year in parenting, I just thought I’d give new mummy’s some tips of what has been more useful for me. Some things I do might have no use to anybody else but others might just make someone else’s life easier as it has mine.

This week my product suggestion are these Tommee Tippee milk dispensers. They are absolutly amazing I live by them and I have done since Isaac was a couple of days old. I received these as a gift from the mother-inlaw, and I’m not going to lie when I first looked at them I though they’re a bit pointless what am I suppose to do with them?! I thought what is the point of taking milk out of a tub to put into another tub, it makes no sense. HOW WRONG WAS I!!


These little beauties were packed away and forgotten about until my first real night of misery with Isaac. He woke up in the night crying his heart out for a bottle, I was rushed, panicking and wanted him to stop crying so desperately. I went to make his bottle the most flustered I’ve ever felt and spilt his milk powder everywhere, I lost count of how many scoops I added and cried because I knew I had to start the whole process again! A couple of days later I was speaking to a health visitor who told me about these little pots saying you can add the amount of scoops needed for each feed ready in to the pots! This was perfect! That’s when I remembered I’d already been gifted them.

I pulled them out and have used them consistently ever since! It not only makes it so much easier when you’ve got a screaming newborn, it also makes it easier for when you’re going out and need to take the right amount of powder instead of taking a full pot or the ready made ones. You can even pop these inside your bottles to save even more space, although I never bothered doing that. It always seemed too much hassle to me that part!

A lot of people will already know about these but this is a post for those that like me pre-Isaac don’t know. The only con that comes to mind is that I can only just fit 7oz into them, it would take some tapping around to fit 8oz in but if your baby is drinking 7oz or under I do highly recommend!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Tip for new mummys

  1. I coped so much better when I found out what these actually did! haha, ATM i’m a fairly new blogger so i’ve still got a few new posts up my sleeve.. I’m running a new linky though for tips/suggestions for new mums/expentant mums here wp.me/p4Bqhg-6I ..thankyou for your comment really appreciate hearing from people who have a read of my blog 🙂 xx

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