The Liebster Awards


So, basically I had never heard of The Liebster awards until I recieved my nomination from Hannah @ Budding Smiles Via twitter. Being a new blogger this was very exciting for me and that’s when I read and found the purpose of Liebster is to acknowledge the younger blogs with less than 3000 followers. The nominated person (me!!) answers the questions by the nominee (this time Hannah) and then I go on to make my own 11 questions up for my next bunch of nominee’s (between 5 and 11 other blogs).

1. Describe your blog in one sentence.

It’s advancing everyday into a fun, honest and a little random blog.

2. What inspired you to start blogging?

I have ALWAYS loved the idea of having a blog, I’ve just never had the willpower to keep one going and to be honest I didn’t have a whole lot to write about. Now I obviously have Isaac I realise there is so much to discuss and so many different topics that arise when having chats with other mum friends. Not only that but lately there have been times where I’ve been sat there whilst Isaac is sleeping and I found myself looking through other mummy blogs and wishing I could start one. I thought I’d give it a go and now I’m completely hooked! I wish I could name one mum blogger that inspired me but to be honest I just did a lot of blog hopping, until I found I could follow blogs on twitter and facebook and keep up to date with them that way, now I’m definitely developing my favourites.

3. Do you blog about one topic or a whole range?

Right now my blog is pretty much brand new so all my posts have been about Isaac, when I begin to get brave with my blogging I will introduce more segments to my blog. I’d like to maybe include some Jewellery, beauty and fashion along the way but my Blog will be mainly Isaac related, as my life is mainly Isaac related.

4. Who would you most like to interview – Dead or alive?

 Jesus Christ! There cannot be anyone else in the world you’d want to interview more 😉

5. What are your 3 favourite hobbies?

I don’t really have hobbies! I’ve tried to have hobbies… whilst I was pregnant I tried to start knitting as I was convinced I was going to Knit Isaac a jumper by the time he was born. I had images of me being the expert knitter and entering worldwide competitions 😉 Did it happen? Did it ‘eck! My phases lasted one night, I can blame that on the hormones though. I can tell you 3 hobbies that i’ve attempted to make hobbies if that counts?

  • Knitting
  • Playing guitar 
  • Kickboxing

Although I have just realised reading is a hobby and i do like to indulge in a good book time to time 🙂

6. Which of your blog posts do you think is your best?

At the moment i’d have to say Isaac’s birth story! I really enjoyed writing it and reliving the day, it makes me so proud to think of what I had to do and how I gave birth to my son. Giving birth is so empowering! I love to look back and the photos so to actually get round to writing it down and sharing it with people was great!

7. Are you a city slicker or a country dweller?

City slicker! Give me Manchester anyday or the streets of London over skipping in fields with cows. I DO love a day out in the country though don’t get me wrong, I just don’t think it would be the right move for me to live there!

8. Describe your most treasured memory.

Is it really cliche to say the birth of my son? I’m going to overlook that this one time, go with something that doesn’t go without saying. I’m going to say spending my first Christmas with my own little family in our little home. It was such an experience to wake up on christmas morning and not care about any presents I might have received, but be so excited to see my son’s face as he opened his presents and plays with his toys! His amazement looking at the Christmas tree and the lights! Travelling to see both of our families and having such a lovely time! Simply amazing!

9. What would be your dream holiday?

Anywhere the sun is! Haha …MEXICO! I love the whole idea of a holiday to Mexico.. the weather, the atmosphere and not to forget the amazing food! Someone pay for my flights please? My guests would be Aiden and Isaac and we’d lounge around all day and have a really relaxing holiday (depending on Isaac…)

10. How would you describe your fashion style?

I’m more about Jewellery than clothes to be honest (Not that I don’t pay any interest in clothes). I work in a jewellery shop with some high fashion jewellery brands, so I love to build up my style with different pieces from their collections. I think with Jewellery you can make any outfit look good! (Obviously depending on the jewellery).

11. What would you like for your birthday/Christmas this year?

With my birthday coming up this is something I have thought about and I can’t come up with a conclusion, here’s a little list of options…



A massive piece of chocolate cake, and my little family! I’m not massive on my own birthdays to be completely honest but for the sake of these questions i’ll partake 😉

Now for my questions..

  1. Tell me something interesting about yourself.
  2. Why should people read your blog?
  3. What’s your preference as to which playing piece to be in monopoly, & why?
  4. What is your most used word?
  5. Given the chance what would you tell your past self about your life in 2014?
  6. who is the most inspirational person you know?
  7. What are your  feelings about christmas?
  8. When was the last time you were proud of yourself?
  9. When are you at your happiest?
  10. what would be your perfect day out?
  11. How do you get inspiration for your blog posts?

I nominate —








Happy posting guys, and thank you so much Hannah for this nomination I really enjoyed answering your questions 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Liebster Awards

  1. Thanks for joining in Nina, love your answers! I love the bracelets you posted, my husband mit regret that I asked you that question 😉 I’ll keep an eye our for the answers off people you’ve nominated xx

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