Holy communion


Today has been lovely, I started the day in a rush as per usual my iron broke so I didn’t get to wear the pretty dress that I wanted but in the end it all turned out great. I dressed Isaac in a lovely little outfit of shirt, chino’s and even a little bow tie that I bought him from Marks and Spencer. He was such a little cutie just sitting on the seat by himself being an absolute star! He stood up holding on to the back of the chairs wiggling his bum as though he was having a little boogie at one point, so all in all I think he might have enjoyed himself a little 😉 I’m so glad he’s getting to a point where he actually enjoys things!


Shirt including bodysuit & bow tie -£9

Chino’s with a belt that matches the shirt design – £12



We had such a lovely time and my god daughter looked absolutely gorgeous! All the children seemed to enjoy it and we even went to a little party afterwards with a buffet (you can’t beat a good buffet!!!!) There’s not much to say on the topic I just wanted to share with you some of the photos of today. 🙂




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