10 Random things I have learnt as a mother


I’m really into doing linkys lately, mainly to get people to notice my blog a bit more and the other reason being because they’re fun! I really liked the idea of this linky from learnermama. Here’s the 10 random things that I have learnt since becoming a mummy…

  1. Your baby only decides to have a lovely long lye in every morning that you HAVE to be somewhere!
  2. Sometimes babies poo right up their back, surprisingly they have the skill of pooing right up their front too!
  3. It’s a massive effort to get on the bus!
  4. You find yourself sat watching Mr Tumble and Mr Bloom even when baby’s having a nap, knowing every characters name and everything about them!
  5. Nothing stains clothes quite like baby jar food!
  6. you learn to wrestle baby and change their nappy in 0.001 second. 😉
  7. You learn all the words of every baby song & all of the actions, as if they’ve been etched in your mind the moment you give birth!
  8. You have amazing reflexes – moving everything faster than lightening!
  9. You learn your whole life has changed when everything you search on the internet goes from beauty/fashion related to baby related!
  10. To go anywhere you need to be really organised – planning 10 minutes before you go will not go down well.



7 thoughts on “10 Random things I have learnt as a mother

      1. haha thankyou so much, tbh when i seen the first comment I thought it must be some kind of Irish slang 😉 ..no problem, thankyou for doing it I really enjoyed joining in xx

  1. Great list, and yes I remember finding myself watching those baby programs while the baby slept 😉 often just because baby was sleeping on me and remote was too far away but other times just because I forgot that there were other viewing options 😉

  2. I am the same, I love a good linky, it’s so much more fun to have fun with others that have similar posts and share together. Great way to meet more bloggers and get to know more blogs too. So glad you stopped by and linked up. Lovely 10 things you have learned and thanks for sharing. It’s always great to know we aren’t alone in the first time mother things. lol haha I can relate to the watching baby things still long after they sleep I still do that now. lol 😉 Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me a new week opens up tomorrow at 7 am. Hope to see you again there with your fab posts. #sharewithme

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