#MummyEssentialproject – Week 3


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I thought I’d join in on the #MummyEssentialProject, and this week is week 3 – lotions & potions. I have to think very hard about this because I’ve never had to go out and buy anything bath/lotion-wise as I’ve still got this little lot that I got as presents from my baby shower and from when Isaac was born. I just kind of blindly use them and not really think into it but I suppose there is method behind why I use what products when It’s just now routine for me!

mumes1 So above is the amount of item’s I’ve still got left without having to buy anything.. I can’t be the only one that still has a ridiculous amount left? You can only imagine how much I was gifted to begin with! Talc was the favourite amongst people to buy me! The least popular present was baby oil which I am glad of as i found a great little alternative… mumes4Grapeseed oil – my baby oil alternative! When Isaac was first born he had terrible dry skin, it was everywhere! I didn’t have a clue if it was normal or why he was getting it. Apparently it is a normal thing that babies just get all this dead skin because they’re growing at a rapid rate. I began using baby oil and didn’t have that much joy to be honest. My next door neighbour at the time was a health visitor and told me that some people use grapeseed oil, it works better than baby oil and it’s a natural product so I could even put it on Isaac’s hands without worrying about him putting them in his mouth! This really is my must have product and my fave to find out about! It works amazingly and can be used for baby massage too!


Sudocrem – For them poorly bum’s.

I’ve been fairly lucky with Isaac in the fact that he’s rarely gets a nappy rash, but in the one time that he did have a bad nappy rash Sudocrem helped massively! Atleast I think it did! It felt good for me to be able to atleast try to do something to ease it.

mumes5 mumes6

I’m not too fussed on bath washes, I think it is essential as babies poo their selves etc (in case you didn’t already know 😉 ) so you need the help of a product to give them a good clean! My favourite smells for bath washes though are Johnson’s. I like the bubble bath and wash, just because I enjoy bubbles in a bath so I believe Isaac will grow to appreciate them too! The baby bedtime bath – I will never know if it does it’s job because Isaac usually tires out after a bath anyway but the smell does smell really relaxing and almost reminds me of a spray I used to spray on my pillow to help me go to sleep (so there might be something in that!) 10/10 for smell though!


Simple does lovely baby shampoo for sensitive skin. Simple are experts in sensitive skin anyway so I’m guessing it was no big deal for them to make a baby friendly wash! I love the smell of this and have never experience any problems. It says no tears, I can’t say I’ve poured in my eyes to test nor would I put any money on it not making me cry but I try to avoid Isaac’s eyes anyway when doing his hair!


The most used product- Johnson’s baby powder!

I use this everytime I change Isaac’s bum just to try to avoid any nappy rash and it is doing me proud I believe! Not alot more to say on the Baby powder front!

So there were my mummy essentials for this week! I really enjoyed writing this post and would love to join in with more of the kind so if any do surface please don’t hesitate to let me know!
Thank you xxx



7 thoughts on “#MummyEssentialproject – Week 3

  1. Thanks Nina, I haven’t done a post for #mummyessentialproject this week as I’m not sure about any lotions or potions yet! We got told at nct not to use anything other than water for 6 months, which seems mad to me given the amount of poo and other delights babies get covered in!xx

    1. I can’t see why? they tell everyone different things. I bathed Isaac and used lotions and potions from about 2 weeks old. Untill then I just used water out of paranoia! You learn everything yourself and you realise what to listen to and what is your own personal preference 🙂 the first poo is the worst! yuckkk 😛 xx

  2. What a lovely post both of my boys had so many lotions in fact I finished the last bottle of shampoo about two months ago and my eldest is 4 now so it lasted forever but I reckon it has saved me a lot of money over time! – I love you little blog here its lovely, if you need any help, or advice just give me a shout! xx

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m still such a newbie! I love your blog, I will defo be keeping up to date with it 😉 thanks for stopping by and making the effort to leave a lovely little comment xx

  3. I have loads of lotions and potions too – everyone seemed to give me loads of them when I was pregnant, goodness knows how long it will take me to use them all up!

    1. Isaac’s 10 & half months and i’ve still got so much to get through! I supose it’s the kind of thing you don’t want to go out buying or running out of though so I am really thankfull for it! thankyou for the comment 🙂 xx

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