Happy sunny day :) – Walton Gardens

Happy 1st day of proper English sunshine! Hope you all had a lovely day here’s what I did with mine… 🙂



The In-Laws came down to visit as they live quite a while away so we don’t get chance to see them often! It’s always lovely to see them, especially for them to see how much Isaac’s changing. We usually just sit in the house or walk around town but today I really wanted to do something nice. The weather was predicted to be lovely so I suggested Walton Gardens! They arrived bearing gifts with this BRILLIANT Tshirt for isaac…


How cool is that little beauty? Especially with the world cup dawning on us!! He will defo get his wear out of this. Aiden said he wished he had one in his own size, he liked it that much! The link is HERE for all those that want to join in with the football fever & gear there babies up ready for next month!

We were all absolutely starving so we ended up having dinner at a little pub near Walton Gardens which was gorgeous, there were carvery’s all round! Isaac was tucking into his grandad’s mash potatoe and attempting to grab every other plate/cup/menu in sight! He enjoyed being in his big boys high chair (which he doesn’t usually sit in as we don’t eat out alot any more!) Oh and not that i’m bragging or anything but HE KISSED ME! He kissed me on the cheek and then on my lips! I loved it ❤ hahaha I was so shocked. bless his little heart!


Isaac in the zzzzzz zoo!

When we got to Walton Gardens, it was packed! Kids everywhere, obviously the fact that the sun was out and it was a saturday added to this and we should of known but it wasn’t packed to the point where it would ruin our day! We headed to the childrens zoo there where there are pigs, donkeys, goats etc… Chickens galore! did Isaac care? Nope! I thought he was at an age where he’ll pay interest to days out like that but he really couldn’t care less! I don’t know if the sun was getting to him or maybe the fact he is teething? but he cried everytime the rooster made any kind of sound, he cried his little heart out! Full on silent crying at one point, I felt so sorry for the little love. He was just enjoying looking around, he likes looking at people and being nosey so he’d be happy no matter where we go aslong as there’s people there!


The inlaws offered to watch Isaac whilst me and Aiden had a game of crazy golf! The first proper ‘thing’ that we’ve done together on our own since Isaac was born. It was so nice to be able to feel like a normal young couple again! Do you get what I mean? I’m not saying I’d change having Isaac or it’s better without him or anything, because life wouldn’t be the same with no Isaac. I’m just saying it felt nice to be just Aiden & Nina and not mummy and daddy, We could be our old selves again. We were the people we were before Isaac! It felt like a mini date and that’s exactly what we needed! I could see Isaac across the park sat with his nanny and grandad so that was nice to see too that they finally got a little bit of alone time with him! 🙂 I did beat Aiden aswell for anyone wondering if my golfing skills are up to scratch… they are! 😉


It was a lovely day filled with sun, love and laughter! I hope we have a lot more to come!!!!!

What did you do with your sunny days?

Please leave comments with links to your sunny day posts, i’d love to read them!





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