Offers and promo’s I’ve come across

Today I found 2 great promotional offers I will be taking advantage off, I just thought i’d share with all of my mummy and daddy friends!

Sassy box for just £1 (+£4.95 PP) !!!!!

See, i’ve never tried a sassy box before but I did use to love Glossybox, love me beauty box etc… So I thought I’d swap the beauty box for a baby box! I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of things that I get in my box! They tailor make it for your babies age group so everything you get should be relevant and you can write if you breast feed or bottle feed etc.. I will defo being doing a review when I recieve mine to let you all know how it goes.

If you want to get your own, heres how…

1 – go here 

2 – Order the subcription you want ( I ordered the monthly, so I can cancel at any point. I’d just need to give 30 days notice if it wasn’t for me!)

3 – type ‘shhh’ in the promo box. EASY AS PIE!

If anyone has already had a box please let me know what they are like via comment & link any reviews done on them if you have one please and thankyou 🙂 


The second promo I came across is a free two month trial of the family and friends card.

Needs to be ordered by the 21st of may at midnight!!!!

You literally just click the link and fill in your info and they send a card out for you that’s valid till the end of July!

Why not? Even if you’re not planning on going on anywhere you never know! If you enjoy using the card you’ve got £10 off buying a years one too! Great offers, Especially if you use the train alot! 1/3 off for you, your second named person and the kids!

Only the deal with this one is you HAVE TO BE TRAVELLING WITH KIDS TO BE VALID!

I’ll keep you posted on any more offers and promos i find that I think may interest any of you 🙂



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