Sunny day #2 -Paddling pool & milkshakes

Does anyone else get the feeling they’ve not wrote a post in a lifetime when they’ve been away from their blog for a day? I feel like an addict I was itching to blog yesterday but I was having too much fun! haha Sorry 😦 Here’s how my day went..

Image Image


We started off with A walk around town and milkshake and dinner with a friend. We found a lovely little place where Isaac could sit in a highchair and have a look out of the window! He absolutely loves being a high chair sometimes, I don’t know why it’s so different from his pram but he gets so hyper in one!

He was screaming, there was a man on his phone looking at me as if to say ‘come on shut him up!’ but I ignore it and let him enjoy his little self. He wasn’t screaming in a annoying spoilt way or a crying way, he was just testing his voice. It was actually cute! I felt like saying you go over there and stop that 10 month old baby from having a good time! Arse! Look how cute he is in the video! Makes my heart melt.

It was too hot to stay in town I don’t think Isaac was enjoying the sun very much in his pram and I felt mean trollying him around everywhere in that heat, so we decided to go home and enjoy the weather in the garden. When we got back we took him for a little walk round to the shop in his trike, which I think he enjoyed more than his pram but I darent take him far on it incase he wants to sleep. My arms aren’t strong enough to carry him too far!



He’s not the only baby that won’t keep a hat on, It did have a little tie to put around his head but I don’t like the thought of fastening it around his neck, if he pulls on it he could really hurt himself. After our little walk we headed back to garden! I bought him a paddling pool off amazon which was meant to be for his birthday but I gave it to him yesterday!



He loved splashing around in the water. It was his first time in a paddling pool. At first he was hesitant to get in he kept facing back towards me and looking at me as if to say ‘come on mum get me out!’ but then after a minute or two he was sat down splashing around and loving it! Here’s a link to the pool. It’s a lovely little pool, just the right size for babies and has the sunshade to protect them from the direct sunlight. I absolutely love it! A little tip though, please buy a pump. It wore us out blowing it up! annnnnnnnnd breaaaaath!

We had a lovely play in the garden aswell, I bought down his foam play mat as the grass is a bit prickly after Aiden mowed the lawn with his non electric (stuck in the past) lawnmower 😉




I love that the summer is finally coming in, but apparently thunder storms are on the way! We best get ready for some rainy days in! 😦 Ahh well, lots of playtime in Isaac’s bedroom i supose? Always look on the bright side 🙂



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