Fake feminists

This post will probably be taken the wrong way but I’m going to say it anyway, I will begin with I have NOTHING AGAINST FEMINISTS!! Nothing at all. My only problem is women who brand themselves feminist but then do things or expect things that totally contradict every feminism stands for!

Women who believe women should be treated equal but then go out on a date with a man and expect him to open her car door, pull her seat out and pay the bill. That’s not equal?! Women like this do exist, before anyone wants to challenge me I’ve met this woman I’m talking about… Unfortunately!

Women who complain and whine about women not getting equal opportunities in the working world but leave all the ‘handy’ jobs to men. You want to be paid the same? You lift them box’s and put them where they belong. The women that will lift the boxes you deserve to be paid the same but if you get the same job role and pay as a man and complain and leave things to a male then you do not deserve that equality!

Women who in one breath are wanting equality but in another breath complaining that ‘their man’ doesn’t treat them like a princess. The double standard bells are ringing in my head, if you’re a feminist fair enough, good on you for fighting for what you believe in! I really applaud that. BUT if you’re just joining in because you think that’s what you should be, please STOP and actually think about the things you’re doing and saying. You’re making a joke of what some people are really passionate about and it’s really not fair!



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