Chocolate and toffee cheesecake! – recipe

I’ve never been a cook or a baker BUT I thought whilst I’m a mum I best start making a bit of an effort in the kitchen department and attempting to cook. It just saves me the embarrassment for when Isaac’s old enough to judge if I’m rubbish or not.. hopefully I’ll have picked a bit up by then! I thought I’d record my journey on here sharing what I’ve tried, If I can cook it you definitely can! So it’s giving you a bit of hope too I suppose if you’re not a super cook already that is!


My first attempt is a NO COOK cheesecake – chocolate & toffee 🙂 Yum! I found the recipe on a great website with lots of lovely recipes, but i thought people like to hear and see my attempt. 😉


100G Digestive biscuits – (7 to be precise)

50G melted butter

150G Full fat cream cheese – I used Philadelphia

200MLS Whipped cream

150G Milk chocolate (use whatever chocolate you prefer – white would be nice !!!)

2TBS Toffee sauce


Here’s how I did it…

10419720_287344534776225_1775437995_n (1)

STEP 1: Put your 100g of biscuits (7 Biscuits) into a food bag and bash them (If you have a rolling pin use that) I used a variety of different items: spoon, spoon handle and my fist to name a few. The aim is to crush the biscuits up really good!


STEP 2: Measure your 50G butter and put it in a bowl – put the bowl on top of a pan with water in it and boil untill the butter is melted!


STEP 3: Bring the biscuits and melted butter together in a bowl and mix together! Then you can line the mixture on the bottom of your cake tray!

STEP 4: Measure out your 150g cream cheese (the recipe says full fat- whether that’s preferred or required i don’t know, but i used full fat).


Add 200MLS of whipped cream to the cream cheese and whisk together


I didn’t have a whisk to hand so I used a fork which works just as good i’m sure. You need to keep whisking it until the mixture becomes thick. It might seem like it’s never going to get thick but it does, trust me! (See below for picture of thick mixture).



STEP 5: Put your 150G of chocolate into a bowl on top of a pan and boil until it melts – this is the highly tempting bit!!!


At one point I was thinking forget the cheesecake, I’ll just have chocolate. I think it’s highly unlikely you’ve never seen melted chocolate before, but I took a photo anyway – just to be safe! 😉



STEP 6: Go back to the cream cheese and whip cream mixture and pour it into 2 bowls – half in each.10411245_287345234776155_6926635579564991606_n

Add the chocolate mixture to one (I just poured the cream mix straight into the chocolate bowl). Then in the other bowl add the 2 TBS of toffee sauce!


Mix both bowls until they’re mixed well together!

STEP 7: You can now add the mixtures to the cake tin – Add the chocolate first then add the Toffee. If you want to create more of an effect then move your spoon lightly over the mixtures to make a bit of a toffee swirl in it.



You put it in the fridge and leave for 3 hours – i’m going to leave mine till tomorrow now as i decided to make it at stupid o’clock! I will let you know if it tastes how i want it to taste in the morning via TWITTER!! – Maybe even update here for the non twitter folks out there!

Hope you enjoyed my first try at telling you how to make something i can barely make myself 😉

Any suggestions/feedback are welcome! I’d love to hear from you either on here or VIA twitter @itsninasblog

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “Chocolate and toffee cheesecake! – recipe

  1. This looks delicious! I’m definitely going to try and make this, I love the swirled effect! Did it taste as good as it looks?

  2. Thankyou for taking the time to comment 🙂 It was amazing! I’m still eating it now!! I would have ate it all if I didn’t worry about the sicky feeling afterwards & my boyfriend is on a diet so he can’t even help me demolish it! xx

  3. I love cheesecake, although I’ve not had much success with non-baked ones. You need the full fat to thicken it up. (Although with baked ones you can get away with light cream cheese). Might try this one though for something a bit different.

  4. This sounds amazing and looks scrumptious too. We are HUGE HUGE cheesecake fans in this house and I love a no baked ones but haven’t tried it with chocolate and toffee definitely on my list when I am not dieting for my holiday. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  5. You had me at No Cook! Then I saw chocolate! I am in =P

    This is so easy! I can make this. I am a bad cook. So no cooking means I cant be bad. I will try this. But I am dieting a wee bit so I will try to do this when there special occassion which is my sons birthday! Woot! An excuse to indulge a bit. Thanks for sharing this recipe. #sharewithme

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