Tomato, sweet potato & cheese pasta sauce – recipe for babies

So, last night I decide to start cooking some foods to freeze for Isaac at ridiculous o’clock, no idea what time I started but I finished at ten to 3 so… pretty late! (or early depending on your outlook 😉 ). Isaac is 11 months old, but he still has no teeth so I’m very weary about what I’m feeding him at the minute as he just swallows very quickly!

The choice of meal was tomato, sweet potato and cheesy sauce to have with pasta!



– 1 onion.

– 1 clove of Garlic

– 1 400G Of tin chopped tomatoes

– 600ML (1 PINT) vegetable stock

-150G sliced & peeled carrots

– 250G  sliced & peeled Sweet potato

– 55G grated Cheddar cheese

– 2 TBSP Of milk or single cream

Please note: You need a hand blender! (or something that does the same job).


1 – Get 1 clove of garlic from a bud and crush it with your knife.

Now this is for those people who have never had to deal with garlic before! I didn’t have a clue where to start. So you get a full garlic and you push your hands down on top of it so it all falls apart like in picture one! Then you take one clove and a large knife and push the knife down on the clove to crush it! I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t as easy at it sounds! It took me a good 3 minutes to do, i don’t know if it’s just the fact i’m as weak as a pigeon but you get there in the end! 😉 .. I chopped the crushed clove into pieces BUT…


2 – peel & chop your carrots & do the same with your sweet potatoes. at this stage I didn’t have a vegetable peeler so i just used a sharp knife to peel down both of them. You need to measure them after they’re peeled so it’s 150G Carrot and 250G Sweet potato.

10314735_288062394704439_4949772054294858893_n 10309480_288059434704735_6502887159783803584_n

(This is how much the measurements look like – just in case you’re an estimate kind person 😉 )

Chop both – again don’t worry about the size of the pieces you chop.

10421126_288059451371400_5089395646673160895_n 10390377_288062421371103_5851535351645129405_n

3- Chop 1 onion and put it in a pan with oil – let it cook for about 4 minutes. (See number 5 – whilst waiting)

4 – Add the garlic to the pan.. leave them to cook for 1 minute more.


5. whilst these are cooking – start on your vegetable stock. I have this one, so i boiled the kettle and added 300ml of boiling water to make it to a pint of vegetable stock as the recipe requires.

6- After the garlic has been in the pan for 1 minute, ADD the sweet potato, carrot, tinned tomatoes and the just boiled vegetable stock to the same pan, stir it all together and cover with a lid.

10412010_288062511371094_8644224879799130859_n 1958126_288062554704423_891811245994596274_n

7 – Let it simmer (bubble a little bit but not going crazy basically) for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes allow it to cool a little, then add your 2 tbsp’s of milk or single cream. I have read that you can substitute milk with formula in any baby meal, however I used cows milk as it’s his first birthday next month and I’m attempting to allow him to get used to the taste slowly.

8- Get out your trusty blender (or whatever you may use) and blend all the veg together until it’s all smooth and baby food like! 😉


9- Add your 50g of grated cheese, and stir until it’s melted in. This happens pretty quickly.


10- At this point you’ll want to think about your pasta, this is the one I used…


I am really RUBBISH at making baby pasta! It was just so soggy! Any tips are appreciated.


I then popped them in to my little angels pots and left them to cool before putting them in the freezer. – At first I put the pasta in with them but then I just started potting up the sauce as the pasta was ridiculous. I really need to go to baby pasta master-class!


I’m very new to this whole food blogging business, so please don’t be shy and let me know what you think. I appreciate the comments negative or positive. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this very long post. I try to include lots of pictures as I like to see lots of pictures when I’m learning a new recipe to know I’m on the right tracks, so I hope it helps!

And just to let you know after I peeled everything with a knife – i found this handy devise that I didn’t even know lived here in my drawer!


Vegetable peeler.. never used!! always the way isn’t it!! 😛



One thought on “Tomato, sweet potato & cheese pasta sauce – recipe for babies

  1. That sounds delicious! I did the same today but with waaaay more boring 5 month old first weaning food (aka baby rice + parsnip/carrot/pea). Can’t wait ’til she can have pasta and cheese!

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