D for diamond – kids keepsake jewellery

D for diamond is a kids jewellery range that uses a real diamond in every piece it does. It’s not too pricey and there are so many different pieces that are suitable for different children, both boys and girls! For a while now I’ve been looking for 2 presents one for Isaac (my son’s) 1st birthday and something nice for my god daughters 8th birthday. I work in a jewellery shop so I’ve known about d for diamond for a while but it was only yesterday that the penny dropped! I wanted a keepsake for both of them and what’s more of a keepsake than their very first diamond.

10300981_291245627719449_1007919573252468132_nSo for my god daughter I chose a double heart pink necklace – which in reality is pink Tourmaline (October birthstone in d for diamond).. but it is pink and she is a little girl. I didn’t really like June’s birthstone in this range so I didn’t want to go with that. Tourmaline stands for wealth and hope anyway so I suppose there is still meaning behind the choice in a sense. The top heart hold a diamond also so I personally liked the pink and clear diamond together.


For Isaac it will be more of a keepsake than anything else as I don’t think I’d be comfortable with him wearing a necklace but time will tell I suppose and he won’t outgrow it. I got him a chain with 2 dog tags with a little diamond on one of them. The thought behind this was his dad was in the army until recent. For the anniversary of a some of his friends deaths in Afghanistan this year I got him some dog tags and had all of their names and ranks put onto them. The D for Diamond dog tags are a miniature version of Aiden’s dog tags that I got for him, so I liked the idea of daddy and son dog tags. I’m going to see if I can get Isaac’s engraved before his birthday, I’m just not sure if they will be big enough to have anything wrote on them.


Not only do you have the beautiful gift and lovely thought that goes into babies/kids first diamond but you also get this little card for those that you don’t have time to explain to that it is a diamond. You know the busy parties where you hand the present over and it gets left until you’ve gone?! It basically just says their products are genuine silver with a sparkly diamond, then you can add the childs name and age under where it says this diamond belongs to… They’re not expensive either I think they start from around £25-30.

10373818_291245604386118_106788064672072150_n 10351681_291245654386113_5922482131389840956_n

I’m a sucker for a good box and bag, I think they make a present look 1000 times better! How cute are the bags? and it’s a bonus you can get a boys or girls bag/box.


Visit here to have a look.




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