My baby has turned 1 !

The 29th June 2014, the day my baby turned 1!


It was such an emotional day for me, everyone tells you when they’re born how quick it goes but it’s like all other advice you don’t really know until you’ve experienced it yourself and my god, does it go so fast! It’s both in a good and bad way… the bad being when did he get so grown up? where’s my tiny baby gone? and the good being oh my god he’s so grown up! look how far he’s come! I am SO proud of him!

You find yourself proud of them for the littlest thing, like the first time he gave me a kiss my heart felt like it was going to explode. I wanted to show everyone and anybody… obviously he didn’t want to.He just kissed me when he felt like it!

Here’s some pictures from his day. We didn’t have a party because he doesn’t like many people around at the same time, so it would have been for the adults more than it would have been for him! We took him to stockley farm.. where we got to ride on a tractor, feed goats, see all the animals and play in soft play and on the park. It was perfect he absolutely loved it.

10385277_298257597018252_3522324194139701075_n 10385277_298257727018239_7616647565042820113_n 10422541_298257547018257_7316285047305187872_n 10426172_298260493684629_4991585831326064711_n 10434031_298257830351562_1081682597526274248_n 10462737_298257503684928_7515376966336816198_n 10482285_298257850351560_134875098073633103_n 10489760_298255843685094_5360035030779328410_n 10494869_298254973685181_42523522784193441_n 10505603_298255583685120_8845780650172985834_n




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