Present list for Isaacs 1st birthday

So I thought I’d share a selection of Isaacs presents that he got for his 1st birthday, I haven’t got time to show every single present he got but I guess the ones that get a lot of use will come up in blog posts along the way anyway. I found it very difficult to decide what to get him and very difficult to  give anybody else Ideas of presents too.


1. Toot toot garage – I came across this a couple of months before Isaacs birthday on amazon for £25.00 which at the time I thought wasn’t too bad… Now I see it at its regular price everywhere I realise I got a real bargain! I absolutely love this toy. It’s so cute! Although I do love it, I wish I waited until Christmas to get this for him as I don’t think he’s at the right age to really appreciate it. He just basically sits and pulls it apart piece by piece and I cringe knowing I have to put it back together again! He does enjoy playing with it but for all the wrong reasons maybe. This came with a tow truck that you can push around the track and as it passes certain points in the garage it will trigger off a sensor to say certain things connected to that spot. For example if it was to pass the fuel point the car will mention that it needs to fill up. It’s great, it’s suggested age is 1-5 but I’d say it’s not for isaac right now.

2. Toot toot cars – you can buy separate cars to go on any of the toot toot tracks. These include police cars, fire engines, and aeroplanes etc… These can be played with or without the track. Isaac likes to take his out in his pram and press them at inconsiderate times :p they have cute little phrases like the police car says “call 999 I will stop the burglar”. Maybe it will increase the false 999 calls but at least they’re learning what to do in a real emergency.

3. My first talking jcb – Frankie firetruck – The size of this surprised when it arrived as it is literally the size of my hand. Isaac loves this though it has a button to press which makes firetruck noises and Frankie talking. I can’t get over the fact this firetruck has a Geordie accent, I think it’s so bizarre haha I love it!

4. Mega bloks table – this was anther bargain that I didn’t realise was a bargain at the time, I also got this for £25 which I thought was steep for what it is but now I’ve seen it set up and in action I think it’s well worth the original price. Again I have to say I don’t think isaac truly appreciates this yet. I find him climbing onto the table a lot and again taking it all apart And throwing the pieces behind him. I think he’s just going through a phase of wanting to scatter things around, he really enjoys it when I’m putting the bloks back in the table and he’s taking them out. I bought him a extra bag of mega bloks to use with this table but for his age I think there are defo enough parts included with it so I haven’t even bothered to open the spare bag.

5. For some reason I decided to give 5 a miss…I’m sure there is a reason some where 😉

6. Converse shoes size 4 infant – I LOVE isaac in shoes although he can’t walk in them yet – he seems to trip over his feet so much when he has them on. He has to Learn eventually though so I thought if he wore shoes more he’ll get more practice in!

7. Mega bloks billy beats – this was An argos sale item for 17.99. It is AMAZING! You can play your own music on the piano or have him do famous kids songs for you and he moves his head from side to side as it plays. I love this so much, it’s really cute and I can see children of all ages being interested in it as I’m very interested in it at 23!!!

8. Gruffalo hand puppet – we bought isaac the market stand from ikea and have made it into our own little puppet stand so we’ve got lots of different characters. The gruffalo puppet is by far our favourite it’s so good quality and soft. Isaac loves me chasing him with his puppets and moving the mouths on them so it’s always a winner!!

That’s all I’ve chosen to share for now, I’m going to be sharing more with you along the way. Thankyou for reading.



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