Baby shower 12/7/14


I went to my first baby shower (apart from my own), I took isaac with me as it was a family friend and she hasn’t seen him a while – plus I knew other babies would be there.

I made my own gift basket which I was surprised at how easy it was – alls I did was buy a blue tub from the pound shop and fill it with goodies that could be useful to her when the baby arrives. Then I went to card factory and bought a cellophane bag. You literally then just put the finished basket inside the bag and tie it at the top with ribbon and add a bow! Finito. She absolutely loved it, I think they look so pretty! I loved receiving them at my baby shower!

Isaac loved running around the place – but if felt a bit like an overbearing mum following him around – as he is very accident prone! There were 2 little girls there one 18 months and one the same age as isaac and they were both so sensible with their walking but isaac was skidding All over. Bless his little heart! He didn’t want to socialise what so ever with the girls even when they were following him around he blanked them completely!

All in all I had such a lovely time – chatting, playing games and seeing mr bump!



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