Where’s my baby gone? – 18 months old

so I’M BACK!! I’ve not posted in a while as I lost my blogging way a little over christmas.. I’ve been so so busy!!!

santas milkIsaac is 18 months old now – nearly 19 months!!!

It’s crazy he’s such a real little person – he’s a miniature copycat version of his daddy with his very own opinions and his own preferences to what he does and doesn’t want to do! If he doesn’t get to do what he wants to do, he stamps his feet and pushes things over or throws anything in reach (sometimes) ! He is a miniature daddy with his looks btw – daddy does not stamp his feet and throw anything in sight… thankfully!

He’s beginning to really understand what we’re saying to him. I ask him if he’s hungry or he’s ready to turn the page in a book – his answer? “YIS!” I ask him if he wants to go to bed – the answer? “NOOOOO”.

He has a proper little personality – he finds random things hilarious and will sit giggling to himself with his own little thoughts. He’s not a baby anymore. He can play by himself for hours or if he lets you, he might play with you BUT only if he wants to. If not he’ll pick up his toys and move across to the other side of the room.

He practices his words all the time – at this moment he’s repeating ‘work!’ over and over because I told him that daddy was at work! Every morning without fail he asks me ‘wheres daddy?’ and i say ‘daddys at work!’

I love my little man so so much! It’s so amazing to see them develop and learn. It does go too fast though! where’s my baby gone?!



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