Too many toys!

Christmas means love, family and happy times to me…

It also means presents… lots and lots of presents, which means no space to put lots of presents.

I did my toy clear out before Christmas getting rid of so MANY toys and giving them to a charity shop. Toys that Isaac is too old for and toys that he doesn’t really bother with any more. I sorted them out into one big pile ready to put in a bag to take to the shop when Isaac suddenly decides that EVERY single toy in that pile is his favourite toy ever! He uses words like ‘WOW!’ and ‘YAAAAAY!’ whilst playing with them! Why do they do this? I suppose we’re all guilty of it at some point, thinking of it, I do the same when clearing out my clothes. Maybe i’m not so vocal about it but I do think to myself “Oh I might wear this” or “what if I get invited to meet the queen?” or “what if I DO go to the gym?” YEAH RIGHT!! I end up with one thing in my pile and you could probably put your money on it being something that I stole out of my mums wardrobe a long time ago!

Isaac’s bedroom has so little room, i’m struggling to find a storage system that will actually help the situation! The one I do have atm is brilliant. It wasn’t too expensive & can be found HERE. we just have TOO MANY TOYS!



Atm we have all his christmas toys piled together on the other side of the room 😦

So leading to the point of this post… Any suggestions of toy storage would be very useful!

Thankyou in advance,



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