Aquadoodles – rainy day fun

For christmas Isaac got a rainbow aqua doodle and a mini chuggington travel aqua doodle.

We haven’t had chance to get round to trying them out properly but yesterday being a rainy wet windy day – it was perfect!

train aquadoodle 3You basically fill the little pen with water and the children draw onto the matt. It has colours underneath which appear when wet, so they can draw anything like on it. Then when it dries the drawings disappear so they can start all over again. For some reason Isaac wouldn’t sit down to do it – he needed to crouch down. He does this alot thinking about it! wonder why? comfort maybe.

He enjoyed drawing, although he did have a habit of stomping the pen down rather than brushing it across. He began to get the hang of it but the stomping continued at points (I guess he liked it like that!)

train aquadoodle 4

The chuggington aqua doodle was a little different – which I like! You colour in with the same pen and the trains appear where they should be. Isaac has a bit of an obsession at the minute with trains. He’s forever saying ‘choo choo’ and ‘train’. He loved the fact that it was trains I think and the fact that they appeared infront of his eyes. After a while he was bringing it over to me and saying “where’s choo choo? TA!” and passing it for me to ‘discover’ the trains. I got a little video of when I first let him have a play in his high chair, after he got out he continued to play with them both.

train aquadoodle 2

I would defo recommend, especially the chuggington one. (I’m pretty sure they come with different characters/themes). I bought him this one before Christmas from the entertainer for £1 on sale. So glad I did now!



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