Trains, baby monitors & bath crayons..

I thought Id share our lovely day yesterday with you all…

So this is how our morning started – cuddled up on the couch watching milkshake! He doesn’t usually cuddle me in the morning he wants to be up and out. It was perfect, although he did his usual “where’s daddy?” as soon as I walked into the room. This is the strangest thing, he asks where daddy is every morning but it’s always me he see’s first thing. Maybe he’s checking if daddy’s at work again, I don’t know. 10952331_405246722986005_426496159_nWe had plans to go to feed the ducks with granddad today, the weather had other ideas however. It was snow snow snowing! I sent my dad a tethinking it was raining having not looked out the window yet telling him ‘we’ll see if the weather dies down a bit for feeding the ducks – not sure if it will’. I looked out the window and BAM! street covered in snow! hmmm. Dad suggested a trip to Liverpool on the train, it’s not far from us. It’s about 20 minutes on the train.

liverpool 2

Isaac loved it! He looked out the window and said “choo choo!”. He even shouted “train!” when he seen other trains passing. He was so well behaved, he just sat there and occasionally stood up so he could get a better view. I think the whole motion of the moving train was exciting to him. He’s got a real interest in them at the moment, Thomas is his most used Christmas present I’d say. I’ve taken him on trains before but never at an age where he understood what it was or even appreciate the surroundings. 19 months is such a beautiful age. The last couple of months actually it’s been amazing watching him grown in himself every single day. He’s not had one day off where he’s not thought “I’ll try/learn something new today!” He’s a trooper.


Isaac with granddad 🙂 Overall we had a lovely day in Liverpool. We went shopping, went for lunch and just had some lovely quality time the three of us. I think the highlight of it for all 3 of us though was the train ride there and back without a doubt. On the way back Isaac decided to sing ‘the wheels on the bus’ for us, sure he changed the words but the tune was still there. Bless his heart!          

           10952934_405246596319351_1301630457_n              10957437_405246552986022_87522679_n

                                                                                                                                   You may question why there is a random photo of my baby monitor in this post?! The wire of my old charger completely snapped last night. So random I know, but still relevant. So it’s pretty much the same one however there is no  wire! CLEVER? well, no I didn’t actually know until I opened the box and seen it just plugs directly into the wall…The only problem is that I cant walk from room to room with it and in my house you can’t hear Isaac in his room unless you’ve got the monitor on or are on the landing outside his door. I will just have to go from room to room plugging it in to each and every plug socket… but still, no broken wires! YAY!

And to end this post on a nice negative note… look what the bath crayons have done to my grouty bits 😦 *rolly eyes face*




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