Date night at home – Mexican night

mexican night

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So last night me & Aiden had a well needed date night, we barely ever actually do something, and I’m not sure you can fully class this as ‘doing something’ but it was lovely. I cooked us some fajitas.. nothing fancy just with the standard fajita making kits you can get from asda.. I picked up some chicken, peppers and onions. I threw it all together for us when we put Isaac to bed.

Aiden had his new found love Bucks Fizz (he very very rarely drinks so this gets him quite drunk haha) and I had my designated parent drink of WKD blue. We had our sour cream sauce, salsa and a bowl of cheese. It was absolutely amazing. We were watching ‘Walter Mitty‘. It was a very easy to watch film and we both really enjoyed it. When we decide to watch a film together on a rare occasion we find it very difficult to choose which one, but this was exactly what we both wanted.

A bit after we ate the fajitas, I went and made us a bowl of dorito’s which I put cheese over and in the microwave for about 50 seconds. PERFECT. Isaac didn’t wake once, It was lovely to have some ‘us’ time cause it rarely comes along at the moment with work and Isaac etc. I think I will try to organise a few more ‘events’ like this for us, as it doesn’t feel like a wasted weekend when it’s time to go back to work.

What at home date night tips or suggestions do you have?


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