Isaac’s favourite toys at 19 months

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory… I’m going to write a list of all the toys Isaac loves now at 19 months old. Some of these surprised me and some I knew he’d love, so here go’s..

10961799_409413285902682_866760760_nWith this one you get the little bus and all the letters of the alphabet to stick on your fridge (or anything magnetic!) You take out the letters one by one and put them in the bus window (where the N is) and it tells you what letter it is and sings a song about it! It also has a little music note button that you can press to hear the “abc song” and “the wheels on the bus”. This has Isaac obsessed with the wheels on the bus, he turns round and round when listening to it. He loves this toy so much, everytime the living room door opens he shooting towards the kitchen. I never used to like him being in the kitchen for all sorts of reasons, but now I feel comfortable him being there as I know the bus has his attention. He just stands at the fridge whilst I do the pots etc. LOVE this toy!


I only introduced Isaac to the world of stickers this morning and was pleasantly surprised by his reaction. I thought he’d be running around sticking them all over the walls but he seemed to understand that they were only meant for the book. I asked him what each sticker was before I gave them to him (as they were a bit fiddly for him to un-peel from the page himself. If he didn’t know I’d ask him and he’d repeat (or try depending on the word). His favourite was “PIG”. This book has lots of stickers including a few big mr tumble ones. Isaac had so much fun with them, he flicked through the pages and chose which one he wanted to put each one on and then placed them down gently.

10979337_409413652569312_148449884_nThis was bought for Isaac for Christmas by a friend of mine. It’s a book that includes alot of little sturdy cardboard tools… hammer, spanner, paintbrush etc. It has a few different scenes like a plumbing scene, a painters scene and in each scene the children have to place in the jigsaw pieces which are the tools. Isaac enjoys carrying the tools round seperatly aswell for some reason. He likes to hole and look at them. He spends ages at the book trying to slot different ones into all the different shapes. It’s ace!

10896994_388275708016440_5498966427002152515_n (1)I’m so glad he loves the little Tikes car. I think he would have loved it no matter which variation of little Tikes it was. He sits in it pressing the horn saying “beep beep!” and when I ask where his car is, he runs straight over to it and gets inside always making sure to shut the door! (safety first 😉 ) It’s a classic, I’m sure many readers will have had a little Tikes of their own as a kiddie, I sure know I did! The only worry with this is he gets a little excited and the odd time it has toppled.. No harm done (apart from mummy’s minor heart failures!)

  • ANYTHING to do with Raa Raa the noisy lion !

10369883_387181051459239_368681628412336079_n (1)

This little man is Obsessed with Raa Raa and he was lucky enough to get a couple of Raa Raa items off Nanny and Grandad for christmas. Raa Raa is REALLLLLY difficult to get hold of and they probably had to remortgage the house just to buy the Raa Raa cuddly toy.


10869698_388695021307842_5810775541051467713_oThis is a fully adjustable basketball net ..It goes up to 4 foot when you adjust it so it can last quite a while for the little one. I didn’t think Isaac would get or like this at first glace but he absolutly loves it. He doesn’t throw the ball in the net, it’s more of a drop but still he gets excited when he does… so does every one in the room. He drops it in the net and then shouts “A GOAAAAAALL!” It’s too cute!

I will leave it there for today, there are so so so many toys that Isaac is into at the moment, so I will do a more detailed post in due time.

Thankyou for reading!


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