Hello, I’m Nina 🙂 i’m 23. This is a photo of me & the loves of my life, Isaac (little) & Aiden (large).

bonfire night

Isaac was born on the 29th of june 2013. His age changes every month funnily enough 😉 You can read about his birth here.

I’m a working mum, and even though it’s hard to be away from Isaac, I like to get out and do something for myself and get money so we’re not just scraping by! I’ve always dreamed of working in TV… I’m working towards it, so one day I’ll get there! *FINGERS CROSSED*

My blog will be posts all about my life with Isaac and my attempt to do ‘motherly’ things – such as cooking, crafts etc… this will be alongside everyday posts about anything I’m thinking/doing.

if you wanna chat, please get in touch. I love a good gab!

Email me at.. ninaspersonalspace@hotmail.com

Find me on Twitter / Facebook / G+ / Tumblr / Bloglovin


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