terrible 2’s at 18 months?

So here’s my thinking… terrible 2’s is not purely when your little on is two. Terrible two’s starts at 18 months!!

Isaac is now 19 months old and I’ve been thinking for over a month now that he is starting to¬†go through the terrible twos. He screams and throws himself to floor when I say “no” or “all gone”. He chucks whatever he has in his hand across the room and he smacks out at whoever might tell him the dreaded “no!”

I’m working on sorting this at the moment, but my god it is difficult! I’m not giving in, No way am I being one of those mums that has a 6 year old child who thinks they can have whatever they want whenever they want. He will have it in moderation and he WILL BE GOOD! lol (fingers crossed).

This post isn’t completely randomly, I took him into town today. I let him walk around with his backpack reins on and we happened to wonder past a little ride resembling this one…

86077IMG_1014_1You know the type… the ones that put outside every shop in the shopping centres so you can’t walk for 2 minutes without a different ride. Isaac noticed this one and wanted to go on it “train!” “where train!” …So I let him stand in it for a good 5/10 minutes I didn’t pay for it as he was having so much fun as it was, it didn’t need to move for him to love it.

Then it came to being time to go. I got him out of the ride and said “shall we go now?” and he said “NO!” screamed at me and threw himself to the floor. I was mortified. I think it was just the shock of it never happening in public before although after a couple of seconds I didn’t mind I picked him up and walked with him screaming across the mall. He must have fogotten what he was screaming about as he stopped… que ride number 2!!! You can guess the outcome! “CARRR” “CARRRRRRRRRRR!!”

Oh my days! What a day! It can’t just be my child who’s going through the TT’s early, how old was/is your child?

10961980_407910842719593_734966933_nThe rest of our day was lovely.. he had a good walk around and found his love for grids! Making sure he stepped on every grid he seen! No one ever told me how hard it would be to handle reins with a walking baby on the end and pushing a pram at the same time! You need some skills for that combination !!