Isaac’s favourite books at 18 months

I’m going to put together a little list of all the books that Isaac is loving at the moment. His interests change all the time but here are the ones that he loves at 19 months – to be fair these have probably been his favourite for the last couple of months too.

Guess what? colours & Guess who? sounds

– Jeannette Rowe


These books are brilliant! They are lift the flap books starting off with a page like this..


Then you lift the flap to this..

10966765_405806762930001_1094594642_nMe and Isaac have so much fun reading these books. They are a very interactive book so I wouldn’t recommend them for a bedtime story as I do not believe that was the intention of the author. They would be very boring at bedtime but excellent as a learning aid. I usually read out “Guess what is black?” then I’d say “ready?” and Isaac sits there anticipating it and he’ll say “YIS!” He is not very advanced with colours at the moment as he’s more interested in other things, so I’m hoping this might arouse his interest. I think it is beginning to work as he’s pointed at a couple of things and said “GREEN!” although everything is green at the moment, bless his heart. These can be bought on amazon … colours & sounds. (Little tip for new amazon users always click on where is says 20 new from *price* or *number* used from *price* as amazon’s price isn’t always the cheapest).


– Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler


This is a board book & can be bought here. Postman bear is about a bear that goes to where a couple of his animal friends live to hand out invites to his birthday party, for example he goes to the tree to hand an invite to Miss squirrel. It is a lift the flap book, as shown in the picture below…

10961911_405806602930017_1560415413_n 10950973_405806626263348_610478880_n

It’s a very easy read, it’s so full of rhyme that you almost find yourself singing it. Isaac has not looked after this book very well as it’s the first one he go’s for at playtime. He loves to sit and find the flaps, he occasionally says “i see” as he opens them. So he has ripped one of the flaps off, I just put my hand over it for now when I’m reading and then reveal at the point that we would open the flap. I will need to re-buy this as he gets older as I doubt he’ll grow out of it for a good while.

My Dad 

– Anthony Browne


This is Isaac’s all time favourite!! It’s actually one of mine too..This is a story about the author describing how his dad is ‘all right’. He uses the phrase ‘he’s all right my dad’ throughout, which I love. He says how his dad can walk on a tightrope (washing line) without falling off. I’ve read this book to Isaac that many times that I know the words off by heart now.


You can buy it here. I also didn’t realise until getting the link for this one that there is one called ‘my mum’ which is in my basket as I type! I’m so excited for that to come!!! Everything is daddy daddy daddy at the moment, it’s about time I make myself known as the cool one. 😉

The dinosaur that pooped a planet

Dougie Poynter & Tom fletcher


This one can be bought here. This was written by the boys from Mcfly, I bought this out of interest really and I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be one of my favourites out of all Isaac’s books. This is quite a long book for Isaac but its such a good read that it all flows together and you can read it quite quickly. It might not be to the taste of some parents as it talks about poop at the end, but I found it amusing and Isaac enjoyed listening to it. It’s about a little boy and his pet dinosaur who travel to space. The little boys mum told him they need to take a pack lunch but they forget it and the dinosaur eats everything in space… then poops it back out.

10966854_405806799596664_1632607018_n (1)

It includes some brilliant illustration for the kiddies to look at. I just love this book even though the age range isn’t for Isaac’s age, all that matters is he listens and enjoys it.

so there’s a list of a few of the books he’s loving at the moment. I’m introducing new books to him all the time as he loves to look at the photos and like I said earlier he loves story time!

Thanks for reading.

What are you kids favourite books? always keen to learn of new ones.