terrible 2’s at 18 months?

So here’s my thinking… terrible 2’s is not purely when your little on is two. Terrible two’s starts at 18 months!!

Isaac is now 19 months old and I’ve been thinking for over a month now that he is starting to go through the terrible twos. He screams and throws himself to floor when I say “no” or “all gone”. He chucks whatever he has in his hand across the room and he smacks out at whoever might tell him the dreaded “no!”

I’m working on sorting this at the moment, but my god it is difficult! I’m not giving in, No way am I being one of those mums that has a 6 year old child who thinks they can have whatever they want whenever they want. He will have it in moderation and he WILL BE GOOD! lol (fingers crossed).

This post isn’t completely randomly, I took him into town today. I let him walk around with his backpack reins on and we happened to wonder past a little ride resembling this one…

86077IMG_1014_1You know the type… the ones that put outside every shop in the shopping centres so you can’t walk for 2 minutes without a different ride. Isaac noticed this one and wanted to go on it “train!” “where train!” …So I let him stand in it for a good 5/10 minutes I didn’t pay for it as he was having so much fun as it was, it didn’t need to move for him to love it.

Then it came to being time to go. I got him out of the ride and said “shall we go now?” and he said “NO!” screamed at me and threw himself to the floor. I was mortified. I think it was just the shock of it never happening in public before although after a couple of seconds I didn’t mind I picked him up and walked with him screaming across the mall. He must have fogotten what he was screaming about as he stopped… que ride number 2!!! You can guess the outcome! “CARRR” “CARRRRRRRRRRR!!”

Oh my days! What a day! It can’t just be my child who’s going through the TT’s early, how old was/is your child?

10961980_407910842719593_734966933_nThe rest of our day was lovely.. he had a good walk around and found his love for grids! Making sure he stepped on every grid he seen! No one ever told me how hard it would be to handle reins with a walking baby on the end and pushing a pram at the same time! You need some skills for that combination !!



Too many toys!

Christmas means love, family and happy times to me…

It also means presents… lots and lots of presents, which means no space to put lots of presents.

I did my toy clear out before Christmas getting rid of so MANY toys and giving them to a charity shop. Toys that Isaac is too old for and toys that he doesn’t really bother with any more. I sorted them out into one big pile ready to put in a bag to take to the shop when Isaac suddenly decides that EVERY single toy in that pile is his favourite toy ever! He uses words like ‘WOW!’ and ‘YAAAAAY!’ whilst playing with them! Why do they do this? I suppose we’re all guilty of it at some point, thinking of it, I do the same when clearing out my clothes. Maybe i’m not so vocal about it but I do think to myself “Oh I might wear this” or “what if I get invited to meet the queen?” or “what if I DO go to the gym?” YEAH RIGHT!! I end up with one thing in my pile and you could probably put your money on it being something that I stole out of my mums wardrobe a long time ago!

Isaac’s bedroom has so little room, i’m struggling to find a storage system that will actually help the situation! The one I do have atm is brilliant. It wasn’t too expensive & can be found HERE. we just have TOO MANY TOYS!



Atm we have all his christmas toys piled together on the other side of the room 😦

So leading to the point of this post… Any suggestions of toy storage would be very useful!

Thankyou in advance,


Edible finger paints – for babies

Last time me and Isaac had a messy paint time I was so nervous! I panicked every time his hands went anywhere near his face. I seen somebody else use a edible paint with their baby on facebook so I put research into it to find out how I could make them too! I just thought I’d share it with all you out there hat might have the same fear of paint eating babies.


All you need is…

  • Cornflour
  • whatever colour paint you want food colourings
  • water

Here’s how it happens…

Step 1: Measure out 1 cup of cornflour and 1 cup of water. The measurement can be changed to how much paint you want, just increase the water as much as you increase the cornflour. Mix them together In a pan.


Step 2: Add the food colouring to the mixture of cornflour and water.

20140606-222731-80851925.jpg 20140606-222732-80852085.jpg

Step 3: put the pan on the cooker on a medium heat, mixing in 3 cups of freshly boiled water – one cup at a time. It will eventually turn into a thick mixture. You can alter the thickness to your liking by adding more cornflour or more water.


It doesn’t take long to thicken so keep an eye on it! When done put into whatever container you will be using and LEAVE TO COOL all the way through. It might be cool on top but you need to check the middle and bottom of the paint too before allowing baby near it!

20140606-223214-81134399.jpg 20140606-223214-81134103.jpg 20140606-223214-81134253.jpg

This is where the fun begins…

10177352_290727441104601_5186301288877125998_n 10408814_290727481104597_1034323481543479118_n 10363590_290727917771220_2277614475263183563_n

Isaac was very interested in touching the paint after a bit, however at first he was very hesitant! me & his dad had to show him that it was ok to touch and we shown him all the different things he could do with it. On the 2nd and 3rd picture you see him squishing the paint in his hands that his dad shown him how to do. He liked doing this and clapping his hands whilst the paint was in them! He didn’t even attempt to eat this one, which I found weird but it’s a likely story.

If you make the paint following my instructions please let me know how it went and if they’re clear enough for you, and share your photos. I love messy play! 🙂


Tomato, sweet potato & cheese pasta sauce – recipe for babies

So, last night I decide to start cooking some foods to freeze for Isaac at ridiculous o’clock, no idea what time I started but I finished at ten to 3 so… pretty late! (or early depending on your outlook 😉 ). Isaac is 11 months old, but he still has no teeth so I’m very weary about what I’m feeding him at the minute as he just swallows very quickly!

The choice of meal was tomato, sweet potato and cheesy sauce to have with pasta!



– 1 onion.

– 1 clove of Garlic

– 1 400G Of tin chopped tomatoes

– 600ML (1 PINT) vegetable stock

-150G sliced & peeled carrots

– 250G  sliced & peeled Sweet potato

– 55G grated Cheddar cheese

– 2 TBSP Of milk or single cream

Please note: You need a hand blender! (or something that does the same job).


1 – Get 1 clove of garlic from a bud and crush it with your knife.

Now this is for those people who have never had to deal with garlic before! I didn’t have a clue where to start. So you get a full garlic and you push your hands down on top of it so it all falls apart like in picture one! Then you take one clove and a large knife and push the knife down on the clove to crush it! I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t as easy at it sounds! It took me a good 3 minutes to do, i don’t know if it’s just the fact i’m as weak as a pigeon but you get there in the end! 😉 .. I chopped the crushed clove into pieces BUT…


2 – peel & chop your carrots & do the same with your sweet potatoes. at this stage I didn’t have a vegetable peeler so i just used a sharp knife to peel down both of them. You need to measure them after they’re peeled so it’s 150G Carrot and 250G Sweet potato.

10314735_288062394704439_4949772054294858893_n 10309480_288059434704735_6502887159783803584_n

(This is how much the measurements look like – just in case you’re an estimate kind person 😉 )

Chop both – again don’t worry about the size of the pieces you chop.

10421126_288059451371400_5089395646673160895_n 10390377_288062421371103_5851535351645129405_n

3- Chop 1 onion and put it in a pan with oil – let it cook for about 4 minutes. (See number 5 – whilst waiting)

4 – Add the garlic to the pan.. leave them to cook for 1 minute more.


5. whilst these are cooking – start on your vegetable stock. I have this one, so i boiled the kettle and added 300ml of boiling water to make it to a pint of vegetable stock as the recipe requires.

6- After the garlic has been in the pan for 1 minute, ADD the sweet potato, carrot, tinned tomatoes and the just boiled vegetable stock to the same pan, stir it all together and cover with a lid.

10412010_288062511371094_8644224879799130859_n 1958126_288062554704423_891811245994596274_n

7 – Let it simmer (bubble a little bit but not going crazy basically) for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes allow it to cool a little, then add your 2 tbsp’s of milk or single cream. I have read that you can substitute milk with formula in any baby meal, however I used cows milk as it’s his first birthday next month and I’m attempting to allow him to get used to the taste slowly.

8- Get out your trusty blender (or whatever you may use) and blend all the veg together until it’s all smooth and baby food like! 😉


9- Add your 50g of grated cheese, and stir until it’s melted in. This happens pretty quickly.


10- At this point you’ll want to think about your pasta, this is the one I used…


I am really RUBBISH at making baby pasta! It was just so soggy! Any tips are appreciated.


I then popped them in to my little angels pots and left them to cool before putting them in the freezer. – At first I put the pasta in with them but then I just started potting up the sauce as the pasta was ridiculous. I really need to go to baby pasta master-class!


I’m very new to this whole food blogging business, so please don’t be shy and let me know what you think. I appreciate the comments negative or positive. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this very long post. I try to include lots of pictures as I like to see lots of pictures when I’m learning a new recipe to know I’m on the right tracks, so I hope it helps!

And just to let you know after I peeled everything with a knife – i found this handy devise that I didn’t even know lived here in my drawer!


Vegetable peeler.. never used!! always the way isn’t it!! 😛


Sassy bloom box review

So yesterday me & Isaac received our first Sassy Bloom box. We (I) was so excited when the postman knocked on delivering two parcels. At first I wasn’t sure what one was but  I ripped it open a bit to realise it says on the front of both sassy bloom!!!! 2 parcels? I was baffled!!

10322724_285729878271024_757087393790929118_n (1)

How pretty is the little box you get it in?! It would make a lovely present if you were the type of person that liked a bit of a risk 😉 That’s the only thing if you gift it, you won’t know for sure what you’re going to get in it! Everyone loves getting a box of surprises though don’t they? so I suppose it would make it even more fun if no one knew what the surprise was, say at a baby shower for example! Here’s what I received in mine…


Let me talk you through them…

MOO CUP! (Retail price: £4.95)


When I first seen this I thought this was pretty unsuitable for Isaac, it looks like an accident waiting to happen! A cup + no lid = disaster. To be completely honest a cup = disaster with Isaac. He likes to pour them out all over himself. Isaac hasn’t taken to cups well, he has one cup that he will use if he wants a drink but he makes it pretty clear he doesn’t like to use it! After closer inspection of the cow cup I noticed that you can’t spill anything out of it, you can only suck it out! There is a special valve that stops the liquid inside from coming out which I love the idea of. Today on our travels I could allow him to hold the moo cup in his pram himself and not worry about him being soaked, also not worry that he might need a drink every 5 mins in this hot weather because he has it there on hand! He was quite good with drinking out this too, I won’t speak too soon as it’s still day 1 but I have high hopes for this little moo! Below is a picture of Isaac putting the Moo cup to the drip test and it passed with flying colours!!!


Twilight sea turtle. (Retail price: £29.81)


This is my absolute favourite!!!! It’s a gorgeous soft turtle body with a hard shell which projects stars onto baby’s ceiling! It gives you the option of green or blue stars and sun or just green or blue! There are 5 pictures of sea creatures on the shell also which have a button to light them up too.


This was why I had the extra parcel because it was too big to fit in the box! I tried this out in Isaac’s room last night and it is lovely. There are 2 little things I would change about it: they are that it doesn’t move and it doesn’t make any noise. I think it would be PERFECT if the stars rotated and it had a bit of a lullaby to it, but in all fairness I think it’s meant to be a night light so it does it’s job. Isaac was fascinated by it! He just kept staring up at it, he just wanted to grab hold of it and see what was going on!!


It has a really soft belly and legs and a hard shell, i love this product!! I tried to get a good picture of the  stars on the ceieling but I took in it in the daytime with the curtains closed so they weren’t as good as I hoped. I don’t think any photograph will do this justice but here it is anyway to give you an idea and a little video of Isaac trying to catch the stars…


In the end he settled with the cute little book you get with it…



Summer – The Original TinyDiner (Retail price: £9.99)


This is something that I wouldn’t even dream of buying myself, but now I’ve got I’m glad I have! It’s a place mat basically that fold up quite small so you can pop it in your changing bag. I’ve tried it out and it’s great! It keeps all the food on it, and it has suction pads to stick to the table, which as a parent you know is great if you don’t want it in baby’s mouth, on their head or on the floor! I love the thought of taking this out when we go out for meals without thinking ‘oh I don’t wanna take up the space in my changing bag with that thing!’ and without the worry of your baby picking food up off a unfamiliar table.


This is it on my table, you can see the food catcher at the end in case any food was to fall onto babies lap as it does! It is big enough for a baby to eat off, 46 cm by 33 cm and has a groovy little hey diddle diddle nursery rhyme and design on it which you can vaguely see in my photo but it looks even better in person!


If I was buying it myself I would have chosen blue but the greens not too bad. It also comes in pink for the girlies!

Bumkins wet bag  (Retail price: £11.99)


This will be really useful for when we go swimming or when Isaac has an accident outside of his nappy! It’s so roomy, I cant wait to see how much I can fit in here!


You just simply pop any wet clothes/ cloth nappies into the bag and it keeps it all sealed, the wetness and the smell! Which is fab because i’ve always had that worry of putting dirty things into Isaac’s changing bag so I use plastic bags which is annoying! Another great point of the wet bag is that has a strap that velcros together so you could even pop it on the handle of your buggy/pram so you can put it where ever you like.


The cute little owl design doesn’t hurt anyone either does it!! 😉 I think this is a great idea and I can’t wait to feel the weight lifted off my shoulder when I have a scenario to use this in!

Ulubulu dummy (I can’t find the exact one, but around £5.93 when converted from $)


Isaac loves his dummy, I was a little dissapointed because I have heard of Ulubulu dummies before and I know they do personalised dummies. When I seen the bag I though YESS! a dummy with Isaac’s name on, but it wasn’t! It was some kind of funky design.


I’m not sure what the design is, it’s some kind of dinosaur I believe but I am MOST PROBABLY wrong! Please don’t get me wrong, it’s a great dummy. Its well made and I can tell that the personalised logo isn’t going to come off no matter what he does with that dummy! Isaac love it’s, they’re a great sized dummy and it doesn’t matter which way he puts it in his mouth which is great!!

The whole box toilled up to about £62.67 at retail price so it’s an BARGAIN!

All in all I absolutly loved my sassy box, and i’m thinking the next box will help me decide whether to continue with my subscription!

Check out sassy bloom box here…



10 Random things I have learnt as a mother


I’m really into doing linkys lately, mainly to get people to notice my blog a bit more and the other reason being because they’re fun! I really liked the idea of this linky from learnermama. Here’s the 10 random things that I have learnt since becoming a mummy…

  1. Your baby only decides to have a lovely long lye in every morning that you HAVE to be somewhere!
  2. Sometimes babies poo right up their back, surprisingly they have the skill of pooing right up their front too!
  3. It’s a massive effort to get on the bus!
  4. You find yourself sat watching Mr Tumble and Mr Bloom even when baby’s having a nap, knowing every characters name and everything about them!
  5. Nothing stains clothes quite like baby jar food!
  6. you learn to wrestle baby and change their nappy in 0.001 second. 😉
  7. You learn all the words of every baby song & all of the actions, as if they’ve been etched in your mind the moment you give birth!
  8. You have amazing reflexes – moving everything faster than lightening!
  9. You learn your whole life has changed when everything you search on the internet goes from beauty/fashion related to baby related!
  10. To go anywhere you need to be really organised – planning 10 minutes before you go will not go down well.


Coolest kids hairdressers ever!

I just wanted to share with you Isaac’s first haircut because I had such a lovely time.

Before haircut.


After the cut.


The hairdressers I chose to take him to was one especially for children, as well as normal bright coloured children seats for the older children there was seats that were cars and even one that was a motorbike for the younger children. Isaac was able to sit in one of the cars and it even had a strap so they could fasten him in without any worries. As soon as he got in the car he grabbed hold of the steering wheel as though he had a clue what it was! He looked so grown up moving from side to side on the wheel almost as though he was pretending to be a racing driver! haha.. It was Isaac’s dream come true as there was also a TV in front of each chair playing Peppa pig and toy story! I kind of wanted to jump in one the chairs myself and get my own hair done!


I was fascinated by the place, it’s amazing how much is around you so many different businesses that you don’t even notice until you have children yourself. I’ve passed this little shop so many times in the past and never even knew it existed until I started thinking about Isaac’s hair! It was brightly decorated and had lots of comfy seating for the parents to wait on with books, magazines etc. There is even a little shop at the end where you can buy children’s hair accessories, fake tattoos or fun sweets to treat the kids with after they’ve had their hair done.



The woman who did Isaac’s hair was amazing. She was really gentle with him but knew how to distract him when it came to getting it done. She did his hair fairly quickly and I think it looks lovely, not too much off as I asked of her! She even give him a balloon when he was done!


She complemented us on how content he was and how well he coped with it. She said that children usually cry when they get their hair cut for the first time (i don’t know how true that is) but Isaac just laughed at how it tickled near his ears and continued playing with the car and watching Peppa pig.


To top it all of we were presented with this lovely keepsake of his photograph taken, a lock of his hair and a first haircut certificate. I am big on keepsakes especially for Isaac, I love something that has a story behind it! I had such a lovely experience at Kiddy Candy Salon! I would highly recommend it. They are giving children a good experience when it comes to having a haircut, which can only be a good thing right? I  would begrudge taking Isaac anywhere else now. I hope it never shuts down ’cause I might have to make my own 😦 haha