Room on the broom

10968258_406746522836025_2106143783_nRoom on the broom – 

Julia Donaldson

What an excellent book… I absolutely adore this one, and so does Isaac!

This book is about a witch flying on her broom when she keeps dropping things on the floor… when she goes down to find these, there is a couple of animals that help her e.g. dog, frog. When they return her dropped item, they ask if there is any room on the broom for them to get on. The answer of course is YES!

Too many animals are on the broom so it snaps. This lands the witch in trouble dropping her near a dragon that wants to eat her. Her animal friends that she helped earlier come to the rescue.

Its a lovely easy read. You find yourself in full flow with this book as it all just slides straight off your tongue. Me and Isaac have so much fun when reading it, as I do the animals voices in crazy voices. My dragon voice seems to be Isaac’s favourite, as he is always in stitches laughing.

You can buy this book here.

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