Leapfrog Leadreader a.k.a TAG

For Christmas we got Isaac and both his cousins of the same age (give or take a couple of months) leapfrog Leapreader, which you can get the girl version here or the boy version here. In reality you could get either for boy or girl, completely your choice. It is a little device that reads out what each page says as you hover over it. You can buy all sorts of different books for it, it also comes with a lets read together book, which isn’t fantastic but it’s a start. I hadn’t got around to setting it up online until today. You need to add each book you own onto it so it can read it correctly, it is really easy to download and only took a minute or two. I’d never done this before so I imagine it can only get easier


This is the set of book’s I chose for Isaac – including a book about feelings, new babies, going to sleep and using a potty. Things I thought are very important to a toddler. Although he won’t have a new baby sister/brother for a while, it’s still nice to learn about. I understand the recommended age is a couple of months above Isaac’s age but he’s loving taking everything in at the moment and he can’t get enough of learning new things! When I first handed Isaac scout he didn’t have a clue, he held onto it whilst flicking the pages of the books. Even when I shown him how to use it, it didn’t click. There is one book though ‘Count me to sleep’  that counts up to ten page by page and has different things on each page to do with that number. Isaac has a massive fascination at the moment with numbers, he loves looking at, saying, singing numbers etc. So when I started to flick through this book with scout and shown him how it tells him which number is which he was hooked!



This is the only book he has paid any interest in so far in the TAG collection, hopefully it is just the starting point as I love the whole concept of this product! I don’t think Isaac at 19 months is the right age – maybe in a month or so he will be a wizz with this product but right now he just doesn’t fully understand what it does. His older cousin who is 2 yrs 2 months old loves hers and can’t get enough of it, although I do wonder whether it is because I got her the flashcard set aswel which I think Isaac would possibly love at this age now.

He got a little fed up with the reader in the end and took the book over to daddy for him to read to him.