Aquadoodles – rainy day fun

For christmas Isaac got a rainbow aqua doodle and a mini chuggington travel aqua doodle.

We haven’t had chance to get round to trying them out properly but yesterday being a rainy wet windy day – it was perfect!

train aquadoodle 3You basically fill the little pen with water and the children draw onto the matt. It has colours underneath which appear when wet, so they can draw anything like on it. Then when it dries the drawings disappear so they can start all over again. For some reason Isaac wouldn’t sit down to do it – he needed to crouch down. He does this alot thinking about it! wonder why? comfort maybe.

He enjoyed drawing, although he did have a habit of stomping the pen down rather than brushing it across. He began to get the hang of it but the stomping continued at points (I guess he liked it like that!)

train aquadoodle 4

The chuggington aqua doodle was a little different – which I like! You colour in with the same pen and the trains appear where they should be. Isaac has a bit of an obsession at the minute with trains. He’s forever saying ‘choo choo’ and ‘train’. He loved the fact that it was trains I think and the fact that they appeared infront of his eyes. After a while he was bringing it over to me and saying “where’s choo choo? TA!” and passing it for me to ‘discover’ the trains. I got a little video of when I first let him have a play in his high chair, after he got out he continued to play with them both.

train aquadoodle 2

I would defo recommend, especially the chuggington one. (I’m pretty sure they come with different characters/themes). I bought him this one before Christmas from the entertainer for £1 on sale. So glad I did now!


Looking for a photo book/idea

Here’s the problem:

Aidens side of the family live over an hour away so don’t get to see Isaac as much as we all might like. I don’t want him to not know their names and faces as much as people he might see everyday. I need something for him to look at or listen to. hope this makes sense.

I was thinking a photo album but as you know he will probably throw the photos everywhere.


please share.


Too many toys!

Christmas means love, family and happy times to me…

It also means presents… lots and lots of presents, which means no space to put lots of presents.

I did my toy clear out before Christmas getting rid of so MANY toys and giving them to a charity shop. Toys that Isaac is too old for and toys that he doesn’t really bother with any more. I sorted them out into one big pile ready to put in a bag to take to the shop when Isaac suddenly decides that EVERY single toy in that pile is his favourite toy ever! He uses words like ‘WOW!’ and ‘YAAAAAY!’ whilst playing with them! Why do they do this? I suppose we’re all guilty of it at some point, thinking of it, I do the same when clearing out my clothes. Maybe i’m not so vocal about it but I do think to myself “Oh I might wear this” or “what if I get invited to meet the queen?” or “what if I DO go to the gym?” YEAH RIGHT!! I end up with one thing in my pile and you could probably put your money on it being something that I stole out of my mums wardrobe a long time ago!

Isaac’s bedroom has so little room, i’m struggling to find a storage system that will actually help the situation! The one I do have atm is brilliant. It wasn’t too expensive & can be found HERE. we just have TOO MANY TOYS!



Atm we have all his christmas toys piled together on the other side of the room 😦

So leading to the point of this post… Any suggestions of toy storage would be very useful!

Thankyou in advance,


Where’s my baby gone? – 18 months old

so I’M BACK!! I’ve not posted in a while as I lost my blogging way a little over christmas.. I’ve been so so busy!!!

santas milkIsaac is 18 months old now – nearly 19 months!!!

It’s crazy he’s such a real little person – he’s a miniature copycat version of his daddy with his very own opinions and his own preferences to what he does and doesn’t want to do! If he doesn’t get to do what he wants to do, he stamps his feet and pushes things over or throws anything in reach (sometimes) ! He is a miniature daddy with his looks btw – daddy does not stamp his feet and throw anything in sight… thankfully!

He’s beginning to really understand what we’re saying to him. I ask him if he’s hungry or he’s ready to turn the page in a book – his answer? “YIS!” I ask him if he wants to go to bed – the answer? “NOOOOO”.

He has a proper little personality – he finds random things hilarious and will sit giggling to himself with his own little thoughts. He’s not a baby anymore. He can play by himself for hours or if he lets you, he might play with you BUT only if he wants to. If not he’ll pick up his toys and move across to the other side of the room.

He practices his words all the time – at this moment he’s repeating ‘work!’ over and over because I told him that daddy was at work! Every morning without fail he asks me ‘wheres daddy?’ and i say ‘daddys at work!’

I love my little man so so much! It’s so amazing to see them develop and learn. It does go too fast though! where’s my baby gone?!


Baby shower 12/7/14


I went to my first baby shower (apart from my own), I took isaac with me as it was a family friend and she hasn’t seen him a while – plus I knew other babies would be there.

I made my own gift basket which I was surprised at how easy it was – alls I did was buy a blue tub from the pound shop and fill it with goodies that could be useful to her when the baby arrives. Then I went to card factory and bought a cellophane bag. You literally then just put the finished basket inside the bag and tie it at the top with ribbon and add a bow! Finito. She absolutely loved it, I think they look so pretty! I loved receiving them at my baby shower!

Isaac loved running around the place – but if felt a bit like an overbearing mum following him around – as he is very accident prone! There were 2 little girls there one 18 months and one the same age as isaac and they were both so sensible with their walking but isaac was skidding All over. Bless his little heart! He didn’t want to socialise what so ever with the girls even when they were following him around he blanked them completely!

All in all I had such a lovely time – chatting, playing games and seeing mr bump!


Present list for Isaacs 1st birthday

So I thought I’d share a selection of Isaacs presents that he got for his 1st birthday, I haven’t got time to show every single present he got but I guess the ones that get a lot of use will come up in blog posts along the way anyway. I found it very difficult to decide what to get him and very difficult to  give anybody else Ideas of presents too.


1. Toot toot garage – I came across this a couple of months before Isaacs birthday on amazon for £25.00 which at the time I thought wasn’t too bad… Now I see it at its regular price everywhere I realise I got a real bargain! I absolutely love this toy. It’s so cute! Although I do love it, I wish I waited until Christmas to get this for him as I don’t think he’s at the right age to really appreciate it. He just basically sits and pulls it apart piece by piece and I cringe knowing I have to put it back together again! He does enjoy playing with it but for all the wrong reasons maybe. This came with a tow truck that you can push around the track and as it passes certain points in the garage it will trigger off a sensor to say certain things connected to that spot. For example if it was to pass the fuel point the car will mention that it needs to fill up. It’s great, it’s suggested age is 1-5 but I’d say it’s not for isaac right now.

2. Toot toot cars – you can buy separate cars to go on any of the toot toot tracks. These include police cars, fire engines, and aeroplanes etc… These can be played with or without the track. Isaac likes to take his out in his pram and press them at inconsiderate times :p they have cute little phrases like the police car says “call 999 I will stop the burglar”. Maybe it will increase the false 999 calls but at least they’re learning what to do in a real emergency.

3. My first talking jcb – Frankie firetruck – The size of this surprised when it arrived as it is literally the size of my hand. Isaac loves this though it has a button to press which makes firetruck noises and Frankie talking. I can’t get over the fact this firetruck has a Geordie accent, I think it’s so bizarre haha I love it!

4. Mega bloks table – this was anther bargain that I didn’t realise was a bargain at the time, I also got this for £25 which I thought was steep for what it is but now I’ve seen it set up and in action I think it’s well worth the original price. Again I have to say I don’t think isaac truly appreciates this yet. I find him climbing onto the table a lot and again taking it all apart And throwing the pieces behind him. I think he’s just going through a phase of wanting to scatter things around, he really enjoys it when I’m putting the bloks back in the table and he’s taking them out. I bought him a extra bag of mega bloks to use with this table but for his age I think there are defo enough parts included with it so I haven’t even bothered to open the spare bag.

5. For some reason I decided to give 5 a miss…I’m sure there is a reason some where 😉

6. Converse shoes size 4 infant – I LOVE isaac in shoes although he can’t walk in them yet – he seems to trip over his feet so much when he has them on. He has to Learn eventually though so I thought if he wore shoes more he’ll get more practice in!

7. Mega bloks billy beats – this was An argos sale item for 17.99. It is AMAZING! You can play your own music on the piano or have him do famous kids songs for you and he moves his head from side to side as it plays. I love this so much, it’s really cute and I can see children of all ages being interested in it as I’m very interested in it at 23!!!

8. Gruffalo hand puppet – we bought isaac the market stand from ikea and have made it into our own little puppet stand so we’ve got lots of different characters. The gruffalo puppet is by far our favourite it’s so good quality and soft. Isaac loves me chasing him with his puppets and moving the mouths on them so it’s always a winner!!

That’s all I’ve chosen to share for now, I’m going to be sharing more with you along the way. Thankyou for reading.


I’ve come a long way


Yesterday me & Isaac went to see some friends that I lived with for 3 years of uni. I haven’t seen them for 2 whole years!!! Yet it felt as though nothing had changed, at the same time it felt as though everything has changed with me. They’ve both always been a lot more mature than me in many ways, they taught me how to cook etc. Now I am the one with the baby, it feels like i’ve grown up so much since having Isaac and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Becoming a mum changes you more than you realise, UNTIL you meet up with people that trigger memories from the past and you realise how much of a long way you have come! I love my little man so much, i’m so so proud of him!

10447052_300477710129574_2602663757211057672_n 10482297_300477746796237_1663158681247493171_n


My baby has turned 1 !

The 29th June 2014, the day my baby turned 1!


It was such an emotional day for me, everyone tells you when they’re born how quick it goes but it’s like all other advice you don’t really know until you’ve experienced it yourself and my god, does it go so fast! It’s both in a good and bad way… the bad being when did he get so grown up? where’s my tiny baby gone? and the good being oh my god he’s so grown up! look how far he’s come! I am SO proud of him!

You find yourself proud of them for the littlest thing, like the first time he gave me a kiss my heart felt like it was going to explode. I wanted to show everyone and anybody… obviously he didn’t want to.He just kissed me when he felt like it!

Here’s some pictures from his day. We didn’t have a party because he doesn’t like many people around at the same time, so it would have been for the adults more than it would have been for him! We took him to stockley farm.. where we got to ride on a tractor, feed goats, see all the animals and play in soft play and on the park. It was perfect he absolutely loved it.

10385277_298257597018252_3522324194139701075_n 10385277_298257727018239_7616647565042820113_n 10422541_298257547018257_7316285047305187872_n 10426172_298260493684629_4991585831326064711_n 10434031_298257830351562_1081682597526274248_n 10462737_298257503684928_7515376966336816198_n 10482285_298257850351560_134875098073633103_n 10489760_298255843685094_5360035030779328410_n 10494869_298254973685181_42523522784193441_n 10505603_298255583685120_8845780650172985834_n